Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp

Growing your business involves many different marketing efforts. However, one of the most important is keeping your consumer base in the loop about all the latest promotions, services, products and offers that are taking place. When it comes to revolutionary marketing tools Constant Contact and Mailchimp stand out from the competition. Both of these services enable you to use email newsletters as a means of keeping in constant contact with your consumer base. Using a subscriber list to keep all of your customers in-the-know is the goal of both Constant Contact and Mailchimp. The real question is, which one works most effectively?

Service Offered

Both Constant Contact and Mailchimp are products that are designed to send out marketing emails. This is done through the use of a subscriber list. You still create and design the newsletter to include all the latest promotions and special offers that you want to make your customers aware of. Managing the subscriber list is a breeze through both Constant Contact and Mailchimp.

Which One Offers Highest Ease of Use?

When you are looking for the easiest product to use for mass email marketing, Mailchimp is a bit ahead of Constant Contact. The interface of Mailchimp is regarded by most to be more innovative, but also helpful. Even if you have only a small understanding of HTML, it is possible to build your newsletter with ease. This is not entirely true for Constant Contact, because this product is a bit more advanced in interface design. If you are looking for ease of use, you should opt for Mailchimp.

The Highest Value

When it comes to cost, Constant Contact pricing is a bit pricier. It is possible to obtain a free 2 month trial period, but the cost of $20.00 per month is more than the $10.00 monthly cost of Mailchimp pricing. Even though Constant Contact is more expensive the difference in price is fairly small. The price should not necessarily be an overriding factor when you are choosing between the two.

Your Preferences

Both Constant Contact and Mailchimp are fairly similar products that offer comparable services. There are not too many differences between the two, but Constant Contact is designed for more advanced users. If ease of use matters, Mailchimp should be your go-to option and you can actually save money in the long run. Your abilities and requirements do come into play when making your final decision.

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