SEO, or search engine optimization, should be a major component of your online marketing plan. Up and Social, your trusted Boston web design firm, has lots of experience in this arena – especially when it comes to marketing for dentists. Most recently we took a dental client with no ranking on Google at all and propelled them to the 1st page of Google for over 15 keywords. They now average a lead a day. Here are our Top 5 SEO Tips for Dentist that you could start implementing today.

Mobile or Bust.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, stop right now and read our (responsive blog here). In a nutshell, responsive web design (RWD) makes your website easier to view, navigate and manage. This approach fuses design and development that responds automatically to the behavior and environment of each individual user based on platform, screen size and orientation, says . Because there are various grids, layouts, texts and images that are flexible and versatile, your users can easily switch back and forth from viewing your website on a tablet, smartphone or desktop.




Meta Still Matters.

Meta tags are basically words hidden in your code that allow search engines to summarize what your site is about. While Google no longer considers them ranking factors, they’re still important for the search engines to pick up on keywords. The three main components of meta are: title tags (text that shows up in search engines), description (site summary) and keywords (pinpoint what the page is about). Anything you can do to get higher SERPs is a good thing, so use them and craft them well.

Content is King.

Google loves original content and so should you. A stale site with low-quality, duplicate content is a great way to get on Google’s bad side. If you want any chance of visibility, you need unique text that’s error-free, well-organized and original in order to rank well with search engines.


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Get Up And Social.

If you’re not already on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, get on now. Posting just a couple of times a week can help you reach a whole new level of exposure and build trust with patients and potential patients.  says social media is ideal for increased brand recognition, as it helps you boost your visibility and develop new channels for your brand’s voice and content.

Submit Those Sitemaps.

It’s all for nothing if Google can’t crawl your site correctly. Creating a sitemap will assist search engines in crawling and categorizing your site. Check out Google Search Console to create and verify your sitemap.


Trying these SEO tips will help propel you to further exposure and hopefully lead to more patient acquisition. However, don’t get overwhelmed by implementing them all at once; try just one tip a week. Need help? Or have a question on how to do something, please get in touch. We love helping dentist!