On coming up with a solid strategy for luring and retaining your target audience, SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key parameter. Your goal is essentially to bring in more patients to your dental practice, and strategic dental SEO is a big piece of the puzzle that can help get you there. Of course, the ever-changing algorithms by the major search engines like Google and Bing make these efforts harder than ever, but it’s worth it. Investing in a web infrastructure that is search engine-friendly is your first step to realizing great ROI. If you play by Google’s rules, you can make your way to the top and see your practice thrive. But how do you go about it?

SEO: The Benefits

First, let’s take a look at the benefits posed by SEO. Local businesses like you who rely on community members as patients are at an advantage because you can target your market through demographics. Here are some reasons you need to implement a good SEO plan:

  • More mobile device use: You can’t ignore the fact that most people whip out their smart phones when they want to research local offices.
  • Better market share: They also take a look at online reviews before making a decision. Make sure you have good local reviews, because you can bet patients are reading up on you before they even pick up the phone.
  • Local search: A whopping 12 out of the 30 billion searches that occur on mobile devices are about local businesses.
  • Excellent content profile: Your rankings are impacted largely by social media indicators from Google. Solid content is a big part of this.




Statistics on SEO

When you implement quality content marketing, you can see results up to a 40 percent increase in revenue and a 2,000 percent boost in traffic, says Search Engine Journal. Check out some more interesting facts by the numbers:

  • 100 billion searches on Google every month
  • 33 million searches every single day
  • 70 percent of searchers click on organic links (SEO) rather than paid ones (PPC)
  • 75 percent don’t venture past the first page of search results

Got the picture now? There’s no doubt a solid presence on the web will garner results. It’s just a matter of how to achieve that for your dental practice.

The Basics

SEO gets you traffic through free, organic or natural search results rather than through a paid advertising campaign such as PPC (pay per click). The major search engines show web pages by ranking, with the ones boasting the most relevance to their audiences showing at the top. A solid SEO plan doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to research keywords, implement them within quality content, and analyze the results. It takes weeks, months even to learn the real results of your efforts. However, it’s well worth it. We get it: you’re a dental practice that’s busy helping patients. You don’t have time to grow an SEO plan from the ground up. That’s why we’re here. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you implement a killer dental SEO campaign now.