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The Story

Up And Social is pleased to present a Construction Website Design project we completed in partnership with Concept Building Inc. The goal for this Construction Website Design project was to create a virtual showroom that would entice prospective customers to reach out for more information about building a home. Concept Building Inc. placed a high importance on showcasing professionalism, expertise, and their eye for high-quality design.  The new website presents a light, easy-going, family-centric theme while also portraying a sense of charm and eloquence that resonates with their brand. 

The Challenge

Concept Building Inc. has a plethora of pictures, projects, awards, testimonials, and principles to choose from. Our challenge was to display the information cohesively and create a space where website visitors would come and feel right at home. We needed to maintain a comfortable balance of white space and information so as to not overwhelm visitors or deter them from wanting to learn more. We also needed to showcase their portfolio in a manner that would honor the principles and values that they stand for in their home building approach.  Finally, we needed to encourage viewers to reach out for more information.

As web designers, our job is multi-fold and displaying content is just one aspect. We have to figure out a way to convey a branding and message while offering a user-friendly experience and manage to disseminate all needed information at the right time. Construction Website Design

Our Solution

We went with a modern yet simplistic design, the perfect balance that resonates with the overall design approach of Concept Building Inc. A combination of strong and bold colors mixed with white space creates the perfect backdrop to highlight the strong imagery that the company’s portfolio pictures provide.  Next we chose to keep the navigation simple by only offering the most important information about the company itself while providing more sustenance with a wealth of customer testimonials. Every page includes a call-to-action to remind viewers to reach out for more information.  The new site features dynamic animation, interactivity, easy-to-get-to navigation, and an information bar at the top which allows for browsing at the viewer’s pace. And finally, the entire site is mobile responsive.

At Up And Social, we take pride in making sure our client’s vision comes to life. Our expertise in digital marketing paired with a deep understanding of your business ensures a successful end product. Contact us today to learn more!Construction Website Design

Construction Website Design
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